What about public health care reform?

117_1784January 10, 2010

I never hear anyone talk about public health when they talk about ‘health care reform.’ This bothers me because we have a univeral system of public health in the U.S. and we spend quite a lot of resources on it. The services linked to our public health care system range from checking the quality of restaurants and ‘grading’ them to providing newborn screenings. We spend quite a lotĀ of time deciding what services to provide in each state. Besides registering births and deaths, and newborn screenings, many states have prenatal care programs, other women’s health programs, and a wide range of programs from smoking cessation to drug prevention to cancer screenings.

We don’t talk much about public health. But what might a connected system of health care built on the system of clinics and services for public health look like? How would doctors and health care staff feel about building on their infrastructure? Some states have regional health care directors? How would they regard an effort to connect the services they oversee to a broader range of services for the public to consider as a choice for care?


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One Response to “What about public health care reform?”

  1. Karen says:

    As I read this, it stands out to me, that a more defining title for “health care” should be “sick care”. It is clear when you evaluate the “public health” care system in this nation, that it is centered around “health”. When you look at the “health care reform”, the focus shifts to reforming our medical service delivery system in such a way to attempt to serve “sick people” more effeciently and more cost effectively.
    It WOULD be amazing to connect the public health care program (which centers more around preventative measures) with the health care arena. It would unite these two areas and cover the void which currently exists. It would be a “win-win” situtation for all of us……lay people AND health care professionals! Let’s get started!

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