‘AfterShock’–Jessie Gruman’s book….giveaway

February 27, 2012

I’ve enjoyed reading Jessie Gruman’s book. Not because the topic is one I enjoyed. It is about ‘what to do when the doctor gives you —  or someone you love — a devastating diagnosis’.  I like this book because it uses published research to reach concrete suggestions. Even the appendices are loaded with specific ideas about things to do. Things like ‘how do I start my doctor search?’ and ‘choosing a doctor’. The latter has a list of questions, including ‘does the doctor have the right expertise?’ and ‘does the doctor particpate in your insurance plan?’ and ‘at what hospital does the doctor have privileges?’

For anyone who hasn’t read the book and might like to, I am once again attempting to offer some of my library to others. Just let me know in the comment section that you are interested. I will randomly pick someone and follow up to get your information to mail it to you… 

Here is what the reviews on Amazon.com have to say about the book:


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One Response to “‘AfterShock’–Jessie Gruman’s book….giveaway”

  1. Only~A~Little~While says:

    Sounds like an amazing book! Put me in the drawing please!

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