What to do about a ‘stiff neck’?

January 25, 2012

Yes, I have been traveling. And you may remember my story in my book, ‘Talking about health…’ where I was on spring break at the beach and got such a pain in my neck that I thought I would die. Well, this is what I know. First, physical therapy and exercises brought me back from that episode and keep me in shape for the most part. But I need a good pillow as well. For me, that turns out to be a memory foam pillow. No, I am not being paid to advertise this pillow. But it is worth telling you about it anyway. Just based on my personal experience. During my travels this past week, I started to feel that familiar neck twinge. I quickly decided to purchase a memory foam pillow to sleep on and — wallah! — no more neck pain. Here is a bit of info about how these pillows work:

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