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What I saw on the last day I could see

May 3, 2016

Well, you may have heard people talk about–at least in the movies or on TV–what they were doing on a particular day before something significant happened to them or something important happened in the world, such as the day that JFK was shot. Well, I know what I was doing on the last day I could see…normally in terms of what was normal for me [I have worn corrective vision glasses since I was elementary school age]. I have beautiful pictures of that day. It was a lovely fall day–Friday, October 12, 2007– and together with my husband, we took a trip to see Frank Lloyd Wright’s ‘Falling Water’ estate. 111_1174c

It had been under construction with a large renovation undertaken for the ‘sagging’ decks overlooking the water. We set out in my Firebird, a treat to myself when I was promoted to Full Professor at the University of Georgia. 111_1124 (1024x768) 111_1115 (1024x768)








We purchased tickets allowing us full access to the home and grounds–before normal park hours. So we captured its wonder both inside and out. 111_1136 (768x1024) 111_1144 (1024x768) 111_1150 (768x1024)









Walking the grounds and imagining both the genius of the architect who designed the home and the serenity it would bring to live within its walls was a calming experience. 111_1151 (768x1024) 111_1154 (768x1024) 111_1156 (1024x768)






111_1159 (1024x768) 111_1161 (1024x768) 111_1169 (1024x768)


What is it that they say? –the calm before the storm….

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