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Did you hear about the voluntary recall of Bufferin products?

January 9, 2012

I’m back. It was a fabulous break. The piles on my desks at home and on campus grew smaller. I was nourished by hugs and kisses from my grandchildren, children, and parents. I set some new goals for the next five years that include using up all the good stuff that I have a tendency to ‘save’. And I heard a lot of communication about health that I can’t wait to start sharing. But a news’ story this morning set today’s topic for me.

You see, I have this gallon size resealable plastic bag that I have been carrying around for months now. Inside the bag are broken aspirin. I thought it was just me and just the bottle I purchased. But it turns out that a lot of people have been complaining about this problem. And so today, the company making these products issued a ‘voluntary’ recall. Here is a link to a list of products being recalled — It includes Bufferin and Excedrin products.

And according to this story — — the problem may be more than quality control related to broken pills. Stray pills or parts of pills may be getting mixed into products. So please check this out and share the recall information with friends and family members who may use these products. Doing so is an important part of communicating about health.


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